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AMEL Composite Manufacture

AMEL offers flexible, cost effective composite manufacturing solutions for a number of industries, most notably the aviation, marine and automotive sectors.
Trading since 1984, AMEL has established itself as a leader in the composite manufacturing industry, with an impressive client list and composite product portfolio.
Our diverse product range continues to grow, as we embrace innovation and new technologies to offer the very best in composite solutions and provide products that make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.
AMEL produce components in epoxy laminates in glass, carbon and aramid fabrics and we have recently opened a new facility to cater for small to medium sized components manufactured from pre-preg carbon and glass composite materials. Both wet layup and pre-preg laminating techniques are used in the composite manufacturing process.
We manufacture components from customer supplied mould tools, and can also offer a full design and manufacture service from initial concepts, through prototyping into final component production.
We work closely with the customer throughout the product development stage to ensure our customers requirements are met within the required timescale and budget.